In Memory

Charlie Davis

After a sixteen year battle with colon, liver and lung cancer, Charles C. Davis, after an awesome display of mental, spiritual and physical perseverance, passed away peacefully Oct 18, 2013.

Charles was a multitalented individual. He graduated from East Carolina University with a Masters of Fine Arts, was a published author on the War of Northern Aggression (War Between the States), a very active member of the "Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars", fiercely believed in accurate and first source history, was the first certified "AutoCAD" draftsman in the state, an industrial design engineer and he retired as a design engineer with Spectrasite, a designer of cell towers and all that is associated with that particular endeavor. Charles enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. He was a dedicated Hunter Safety Instructor and "Volunteer" with the Wake County Wildlife Club and its many pursuits. He really enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship with many in the Wake County Wildlife Club. He will be missed.

As per Charles' instructions, he will be cremated and his ashes scattered among other Confederates in a non disclosed location where his body will rest until we all hear the three trumpet blast and rise again to meet Jesus in the air. Go with God my friend.